Jay Stone Singers - "Encouragement...Through It All."

No matter the genre, a good song could be defined as one that conveys a clear message, has the power to manipulate your emotions, and draws you back in for another listen.  Yet, as this project is played, it takes us to a much deeper level.  With the passing of each track we find ourselves in a state of mind where we discover an opportunity to celebrate God like never before, His power, and His ability to provide in whatever situation presents itself.  For this reason, The Jay Stone Singers would like to present their newest release, “Encouragement…Through It All.”

“Last year was such an encouraging year for us, which is reflected in each message of encouragement.” Says Bobby Carter.  “Encouragement” begins with  our title track that defines the entire project, “Through It All.”  Crossroads did a great job producing a new spin on this classic song by picking up the tempo, and spicing it up with some organ accompaniment.  “Nothing’s Too Big For My God” written by Nancy Harmon, has very basic harmonies, but features a powerful lead by Stone Carter.  Emma had a hand in choosing a timeless song, “Be Thou My Vision” with a unique Celtic arrangement.  Bobby showcases a bit of a tenor range in their arrangement of Lee Roy Abernathy’s “He’s a Personal Savior.”

From Elvis Presley to Andrae Crouch and now the Jay Stone Singers, “I’ve Got Confidence” maintains its energy and effectiveness.  Jeff Collins took an old ensemble song and turned it into an acapella highlight you will have on repeat, “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”   Bobby Carter shared that these songs were ones he and Sharona grew up on as teenagers.  He submitted that the new arrangements and convicting presentation by Stone and Emma not only attract the young generation; it is almost like sharing new songs with those who have heard them before.  No matter your age or musical preference, you will find yourself singing along with “Get All Excited,”  “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow,”  “I Surrender All,” and “I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen.” 

Through It All, this compilation has been a source of encouragement, and a reminder of God’s goodness. The entire project creates the foundation for the final song, “Come Unto Jesus” inviting believer and unbeliever alike to consider what Jesus has done, and let Him have His way in their life.   Every element of this project plays off the other.  It is the creativity and professional production of Crossroads and Jeff Collins that provides for a presentation of older songs that will have the listener’s heart in the artist’s hand.  The flow of the message and order of the songs could not have been better.  The intro takes us to the past, the body examines our present, and the conclusion challenges our future.  Whether you know the name or not, I challenge you to purchase “Encouragement…Through It All” by the Jay Stone Singers.