25 Signs You Grew Up A PK

1.  You looked forward to Communion because of the snack after church.

**BONUS POINTS:  You ate communion bread as a snack because you thought it was good.
**BONUS POINTS:  You competed to see who could drink the most communion cups like shot glasses.

2.  You can recite the "don't forget who you are" speech.

3.  You had at least one secret radio.

**BONUS POINTS:  If you hid one of those mini TV's somewhere to watch at night.

4.  You have at least one childhood photo holding a Bible.

5.  You thought your patterns put the "cool" back in culottes.

6.  Your family secretly used the baptistry as a swimming pool.

7.  Piano lessons were a requirement because the church pianist was near death.

**BONUS POINTS:  You actually became the church pianist.

8.  "Mixed Swimming" only with family,  but the "neck to knee" rule still applied.

9.  You did not see the beach until adult-hood.

10.  You can recall every episode of every series on TV-Land.

11.  If you had a dollar for every time you got asked "So you're gonna be a preacher when you grow up right??" .....Millionaire

12.  Finding your parents in "car-line" after school was easy because they drove the Church van/bus.

13.  You felt a little convicted because you intentionally held hands with your crush for a few seconds after the prayer-circle "amen" was said.

14.  You were on a first-name basis with the local hospital staff.

15.  You once threatened a Sunday School teacher with "I'm telling my dad on you."

16.  You had this conversation:
Me:  Dad, I feel sick...I can't go to church.
Dad:  Throw up and prove it!
Dad:  Well, don't you feel better?? Now you can go to church!

17.  If the bike/rollerblades you got for Christmas you learned to ride between the pews and down the church hallways.

18.  You got saved at every church your dad pastored.

19.  When cleaning the church building counted as "family time."

20.  You still had church in your living room when services were canceled.
**BONUS POINTS:  You sang hymns by the piano in your living room.
**BONUS POINTS:  Your dad REpreached what he had practiced the night before.

21.  You survived mattress-surfing down the church stairs with the nursery crib mattresses.

22.  You know the layout of every local funeral home, and which ones serve cookies.

23.  You either ran sound, or were the ring-bearer in at least 10 weddings of people you did not know.

24.  If your room was the Guest Room,  and missionaries from almost every country have slept in your bed.

25.  All your embarrassing childhood memories have at one time been used as sermon illustrations.


  1. Haha, nice post.. Some of it are true for me, some are not but that is because of maybe the difference in culture and church setting. I grew up in a baptist church here in the Philippines..

    I made my own list too, check it out :)

  2. Brought back memories for sure. Especially the communion wafers and the hospital visits.