An Open Letter To My Future Wife

Dear Future Love,

I'm writing this letter to tell you that I cherish you with my whole heart, even though we have never met.  I think about you more than I'm willing to admit,  and pray for you every single day.  It was almost 10 years ago when an evangelist spoke in my middle school chapel about relationships.   While many of the things he said went over my head at the time,  I began to apply all I possibly could.  I made a list of the qualities I was looking for, and began to pray over them as often as I thought of it.  Though that list has changed....drastically....since middle school, there are a few things that remain the same.

First, I admire your relationship with Jesus Christ.  The passion with which you pursue Him in every aspect of your life makes you the most incredible girl on the planet.  Thank you for seeking His face, and being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Your relationship with the Lord has enhanced my walk with Him, and our relationship has been strengthened as a result.

Thank you for not only supporting me in the ministry, but loving it yourself. Ministry was never something I had to excuse or explain, because you were already doing it even before we met.  The way you interact with  people, encourage, counsel, and motivate others is reflective of your selflessly driven heart, and for that you are my hero.

If my past has taught me anything, it is that trust is so much more than a word.  Honesty, forgiveness, and true love are all rooted in trust.  You have entrusted me with your heart, and all that comes with it.  I do not take that lightly.  As the spiritual leader of our home,  my responsibility to lead you and steward what God and you have entrusted to me is approached with great caution.  Thank you for willingly giving me your heart, and for holding mine even with its great imperfections.  The trust we share has made us indivisible.

I could go on for ages and never truly describe your beauty.  From the inside out you are the most beautiful person I have ever been privileged to know.  My heart skips a beat every time your eyes make contact with mine, as I can see exactly what they are saying.  I love your voice, and I'll never know just how God sent a match so perfect.  The class you communicate in every facet of your life is matched only by the humility by which it is magnified.  You are truly everything I could ever want, and more.

You are more than just a perfect match,  you are the ONLY match, and I hope to always communicate that.  I will love you, appreciate you, and cherish you for as long as I have breath.  Never stop seeking the Lord, for truly that is the most beautiful thing about you.  As one, let us pursue a relationship and identity rooted in Christ and who he has called us to be.  We may never be rich or famous, but so long as we can spend the rest of forever serving Christ together, I know I'll be satisfied.

With My Whole Heart,

Jon Leighton Groves

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  1. A very nice letter. I've been thinking of what a Godly man would think of His future wife,glad i have read this because most of the letters made were not Christ centered. Godbless to your journey.