I Had An Affair

It was exhilarating at times.  Wrapped up in the emotions of the moment I found whisked away in what seemed to be another world.  I wasn't tied down there; I had no real responsibilities in this relationship.  I could turn here when it was convenient and turn my back when the feelings of commitment became too much.  After all,  I wasn't married to this relationship.  I could enjoy the "highs"  and when I found myself in lows of desperation, I could return to these loving arms for assistance, but nothing and no one required me to stay.  Friends,  this was a weekend fling.  An affair.  Emotional but far from eternal.

Could this relationship be something more?  Should it?  I mean...it was definitely commitment material... but would that ruin the good thing we had going?  What could life look like if I found myself married in a relationship like this?  The life I was living was surely failing, and I was looking for something more.  In a sea of people just like me,  I still found myself completely alone.  I'd married wrong too quickly before and my pride told me I could stick it out and make this work...I could be married to one during the week,  and pretend with the other on the weekend.

As we loosely held hands and did our best to blend into the weekend crowd,  so many just assumed we were married.  People spoke to us as if we were and it felt good to pretend.  Occasionally I would glance around and notice those who were truly in a committed relationship.  When I spoke to them,  it didn't matter what emotions they faced or hardships they might be enduring,  they were perfectly content, satisfied, and complete in their relationship. In fact, to separate them from this commitment would be as if to delete their very identity.  No longer two separate entities...they were one.  And I wanted that.  If I continued to juggle these two,  one would soon discover the other, and half of the life I had built would have to die.

Then....it happened.  In little more than a moment,  conviction gripped my heart. It had been building for quite some time.  I was living a lie.  So we walked the aisle and found ourself at the altar of the church where everyone knew us.  It was the right thing to do.  Divorcing my past,  my addictions,  and selfish aspirations,  I would say "I do" to the one who would stay with me through better or worse.

And now,  as I stand under the roof of that same church, I look around with knowing eyes.  I see you. When it comes to worship,  your life looks more like an affair; A weekend fling with moments of intense emotion but not an ounce of sustainable discipleship.  You're married to your job, your visions of grandeur, and a past that blackmails you into staying even when you want to leave.  But friend,  your relationship with Jesus Christ can be so much more!  It can be an eternal marriage that persists no matter the level of emotion.  Whether you've been courting the idea of commitment for some time  or you're just realizing the implications of your affair, Jesus invites you today to say "I do."

What does your worship look like? An affair or a marriage?  A fling or a forever?  Jesus will take you as you are to be his bride.  He will transform you into his very image, presenting you until himself spotless and loved.  You've committed your time to the wrong things for so long.  And from someone who's been there, let me tell you that commitment is where it's at.  The rewards far outweigh the difficulties.  You've dated long enough.  He's been faithful.  So why don't you?

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