My YMCA Epiphany

My little brother Brian and I have been going to the YMCA regularly every weekday for a few weeks now.  I stay for about an hour and do a variety of machines but this morning I did significantly less than normal.

As I finished my fifth mile on the elliptical I glanced over at the man next to me.  Gray T shirt, black shorts,  a clean-cut goatee.  A pretty sharp looking guy with one of those faces you never forget.  All of a sudden, a realization paralyzed me.  I paused my music, and stopped my machine to focus on my thoughts.  I have seen this man every day....fifteen plus days in a row.  We arrive around the same time,  do similar things,  have a similar amount of down time in between machines, and leave about the same time.  I move about the workout area with earphones in as I listen to podcasts of evangelism and church leadership....I teach others to go out into their neighborhoods and communities, even schools and reach people.  Not the people you already know...but NEW people.... and I've seen this SAME man, EVERY DAY,  and I don't even know his name.

As I pondered the concept of Jesus return I realized... WHAT IF THE RAPTURE HAPPENED TODAY!?  At the judgement seat would that man see me in the distance?  Would he look at me and ask "WHY did you never share?"  What would my excuse be??? "Sorry Sir I was working on toning my body and I didn't have time to share an eternal concept with you...."

Tomorrow I go the the YMCA with a different perspective, as I hope you will view your workplace and school.  If I REALLY believe the RAPTURE could happen today, then live today like it's the only day I have.  Do what Jesus did!  Present people with the Gospel...then based on what I have presented you, do you ACCEPT or DENY Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Dear Lord,  please give me an opportunity to present someone with this opportunity this week.  Let me be obedient to your great commission.  So that if you come back today, though I may not hold trophies,  I can claim persistence, diligence, and obedience in the race to which I am called.